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How would you expect a small town mayor to look and act? Lets meet a small town mayor. Troy Rudder, 56, of London, Ky.. Rudder is someone who dresses professionally in shirt tie and slacks. He has brown hair and brown mustache. If you saw him out you would almost immediately be able to pick him out. He wants to be called by his first name Troy.

Rudder is a long time London resident. Rudder has always been in public service in one form or another. Rudder served as a teacher and currently serves as Mayor of London. Rudder taught for 31 years, he taught from 1972 until 1996 and retired in June of 2003. Rudder last taught at North Laurel High School in London for 4 years and was in administration for five years.

Rudder’s character makes him who he is. With care he took pride in each of his high school students, his office was always open to every student he had.

“I love the teaching,” Rudder said. “I did not really like administration because you lost contact with the kids. In administration you had to deal with the kids who were in trouble and I did not like doing that I really enjoyed interacting with the kids.”

Rudder was a biology science teacher at North Laurel. Rudder is someone who has a strong Christian faith. Since Rudder is a Christian and taught a science course in high school; his science class was given an assignment to present about evolution, one of his students did not believe in the evolutionary theory so he gave this student the opportunity to present on Biblical evolution. Several of Rudder’s students said what a great teacher he was.

“I love American history from conception until second world war,” Rudder said.

Several people in town said, Rudder is someone who is honest; you can look at him and tell his character.

“I retired in 2003, I was on city council for 20 years,” Rudder said. “I was on city council when I was elected mayor. I was on city council in 1986. I was retired for two and a half years and it was a wonderful life.”

Rudder saw things needed to change and wanted to serve London. From June of 2003 until January 2006 Rudder was planning and made a run for mayor in 2006. It was about a year and a half of politicing that Rudder did.

Rudder has been in the mayor’s office for just over three years now.

“Being mayor you have to be strong and some one in control,” Rudder said. “Every body works for you and at your pleasure. The most favorite thing that I do is go out into our local schools and talk about the city. I like getting back out into the elementary schools and talking with them.

Rudder is careful with every decision he makes and has made. In high school he had to make important decisions; like when a student was late to count them as tardy and possibly send them to in-school suspension. Another decision he had to make was to let the student present on Biblical evolution. One of the most important decisions he had to make in his teaching was to walk away. Rudder had to make another crucial decision; the decision to run for public office the office of mayor as a democrat.

Rudder is a Democrat in a strong republican town. Since Rudder had retired from teaching he has since became mayor of London and turned the city around for the better.

“Because the fact that everyone knows Rudder, his character, his values, and his Christian beliefs and stand; he is great a great mayor,” Connie Mcknight said. Mcknight is one of the secretaries in the mayor’s office. Mcknight has served under several mayor administrations.

“The most rewarding thing as being mayor is when some one calls with a problem and you find a way of fixing that problem,” Rudder said.

Rudder is a mayor you can call and talk to at any time.

The mayor’s office is located on South Main Street right by the London City Police Station.

“Rudder is a hard working mayor,” Mcknight said.

Rudder is looking to help every one in London. It was overheard at the groundbreaking for the new Fiscal Courthouse last year he had asked one of the journalist if they had taken care of things and this journalist was looking to get a press pass; and this person had one.

Ken Smith was the Mayor before Rudder. Smith had been in office for several years. Smith was a republican mayor. Rudder is a democrat mayor. London is a strong republican town and the people voted in the man rather than the politician.

Rudder knows the people of London and Laurel County; because he worked in the school system. By working in the school system you learn how people think and act.

Because Rudder is the mayor he was at the groundbreaking for the Fiscal Courthouse in May of 2008. This is one of the notable events Rudder attended. Rudder does not like attending events and did not talk a lot about what he had done in past events.

“This is a vibrant and moving town we have not been hit with the job loses like other cities have,” Rudder said.

“I hate being in the office I would rather be out chewing tobacco with the workers working in a recycling center or going on a run with the firefighters,” Rudder said.

“The recycling plant is really taking off,” Rudder said. “July of 2008 though July of this year we will have saved $10 thousand in dumping fees.

Rudder just signed a purchase order for recycling cans to be in all the schools. The kids will have an opportunity to recycle and learn about recycling. All the money from recycling goes right back to the schools and it teaches kids why you conserve.

London’s sidewalks will be fixed under Rudder’s administration. He is taking wine bottles and beer cans and crushing it and grinding it.

“Last year almost a half a million dollars was spent in dumping fees,” Rudder said.
Rudder is big on recycling because a lot of money has been wasted dumping trash and the money could be better spent. Mayor Rudder is very into working with people. He has Manchester bring their trash to London. Rudder’s next goal is household pick up.

“If you live in the city we will provide you a recycling container for household pick up,” Rudder said. “If you want to join us and recycle that would reduce your garbage rate by $1 a month. Right now trash pick up is $10 a month if you decide you do not want to be apart of the recycling program we will increase your pick up $1 a month. We are going to get people involved.”

To be employed in the city of London takes hard work and dedication to improving the city.

“Every one that puts in an application has to have a high school diploma,” Rudder said. “Cities are notorious for hiring people and trying to teach them what they want done.”

“London does their own work now,” Rudder said.

“Every one is working together,” Rudder said. “Used to police department and fire department and other departments would work independently. But now people are working together.”

“I’m not blowing my horn,” Rudder said. “But I’m blowing other peoples horns.”

It is all about being a team player.

“I am a support person,” Rudder said.

People who work in the mayor’s office have master’s degree.

Rudder has been married twice he has four kids and five grandchildren. His wife is very supportive of him. Rudder has been married to his second wife for five years. The Rudder’s are very supportive of each other. Communication is the key in this.

“At first she did not like being mayor’s wife,” Mrs. Rudder said. Mrs. Rudder is 54-years-old and a family person who loves her husband.
Mrs. Rudder lives here in London.

“I hate politics,” Mrs. Rudder said.

“If my wife did not support me I would not do this,” Rudder said.

Both Rudder’s said, if we did not care for each other and listen to each other we would not be together. Our lives are each other first and work second.

A London citizen had came in the mayor’s office and was mad about a sewer problem on his property. The citizen said I will be sure and tell the plumbers what kind of guy you are. Rudder said, I appreciate the comment I’m glad that you will tell the plumbers.

The guy threatened Rudder by saying “If you don’t get elected next time.”
Rudder said let’s stop right here.

“If I do not get elected I go home and enjoy my life,” Rudder said. “I’m already retired.”

“I’m not sure if I’ll run again,” Rudder said. “If I like what I’m doing and prove to myself that I can do this, I’ll run again. If I do not like what I’m doing and things become a headache I’ll not run again. I’m retired.”

You have to like what you do in order to do the job that needs to be done.
Rudder is not going to be hurt if he does not get elected to another term. As of right now he seems to like what he is doing and the effect he is having on people.

It is all about the people and doing the job for the people.

“If I have not done a good job vote me out of office,” Rudder said.

“I’m retired,” Rudder said. “You are not going to hurt me.”

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